When you see Sun-Maid’s iconic red box, the last thing you think of is power. But actually, there’s enough energy inside to power all kinds of activities.

raisin box_640x339

In fact, studies showed that Sun-Maid raisins have the same amount of energy as synthetic sports gels and chews. The only difference? Raisins are 100% natural.


So to spread this message to moms, we created the Raisin Your Workout campaign.


We started with an ad in Fitness Magazine and posts on Sun-Maid’s Facebook page that drove to a microsite dedicated to the energy benefits of raisins.



We had raisin-powered recipes for athletes.


A blog from Cal Athletics’ sports nutritionist detailing the science of raisins.


And most important, a link to the Raisin Your Workout App.


Here we created a 21-day challenge for athletes to replace chews and gels with raisins.We also asked them to take photos of how they “raisin-ed” their workout. The reward? A branded sweat-wicking shirt and the chance at a Fitbit One.


And to further motivate trial, everyone who participated got a coupon.

Within 24 ours Sun-Maid got ~13,000 new likes, thanks to mommy bloggers who were hungry to put raisins energy benefits to the test.11_User_submittedPhoto640

When our challenged ended, we had 26,000 new likes, 18,000 new emails, and 2,000 images submitted.

12_Winners_FBwall640Not bad for a little red box of dried fruit.

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