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Baker Street
November 11, 2018
Lesly Pyle

Stay In the Moment at Hotel Nikko


Hotel Nikko challenged Baker Street to convey the hotel’s Zen-like experience in a way that would differentiate them from the other 4-star properties in San Francisco. Convincing people to stop and smell the roses in a society that moves at the speed of life, even while on vacation, is no small task.

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So we dug deep during our Discovery research phase and uncovered this truth: “In the world of luxury hotels, personality goes a long way.” This insight drove the thinking behind the “Stay in the Moment” campaign we created that’s anchored by a graphic time stamp. This stamp is a reoccurring device marking every metaphorical magic moment during a guest’s stay.

We refreshed Hotel Nikko’s website and added an extra dimension to the time stamp, making it a real-time clock. The home page appears like a live video feed as though the viewer is watching what’s happening at the Hotel Nikko at any given moment.

We also designed it to be completely responsive with a mobile-first UI/UX.

In the print world, the time stamp works as a static lock-up, freezing the moment in time. Like in these magazine ads we created specifically to entice British tourists.

As well as this Print and Poster Series strategically-placed around the property to create allure for a uniquely Nikko offering. The series works as a one-two punch, with one image showcasing an actual amenity and the other with a more conceptual graphic.

And who doesn’t love a nice surprise and delight “Do Not Disturb” door tag?

We also made some brochures that are, well, worth your time.

And here’s who literally Stayed In the Moment to make it all happen.

VP/General Manager: Anna Marie Presutti
Director of Marketing and Revenue Strategy: Jeanne Ferrari
Associate Director of Marketing: Dani Ortega

President: Jack Boland
Chief Creative Officer/Copywriter: Brian Bacino
Chief Strategy Officer: Don Donovan
Art Director: Ken Woodard
Copywriter: Lesly Pyle
Design Studio and Production Manager: Jeff Teator
Senior Strategist: Howie Leibach
Account Supervisor: Nick Spillner
Senior Account Executive: Juliana King

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June 30, 2018
Lesly Pyle

Our #AskAnyHondaDriver Campaign Performs Just Like a Honda

NorCal Honda’s #AskAnyHondaDriver testimonial campaign is in its 4th year and is the most robust campaign we’ve created so far — with 19 long-format web films and 28 unique TV/web videos since 2015. Talk about legendary dependability.
This year, we feature four new happy Honda stories from all over Northern California.

2014 | Accord | Chris and Kelsey | Monterey 
Teeing it up are two golf pros who definitely drive for show.

2017 CR-V | Samanta | Richmond 
Second, is super sweet Samanta Beltran, who’s a Contra Costa Country school counselor by day, a baker by night and a lifelong Honda driver by choice.

2010 & 2011 Fits | Peters Family | Santa Rosa 
Third, we have 6 feet 6 Jacob, 5-foot Lauren and their 150-pound Great Dane Charles who believe their two Fits are the perfect fit for their modern family.

2016 Odyssey | The Crandalls | Tiburon 
Lastly, The Crandall Family, who have three tiny tots and one of the tightest turns in Tiburon.

Not only does this campaign help drive Honda’s record sales, but it drives people into action. Or should we say, interaction? Before we launched the first five stories back in 2015, research from BSA’s trademark “Discovery” phase revealed that Honda drivers love their Hondas so much, they want to tell the world. So we gave them a stage. We created an interactive platform on NorCal Honda’s Facebook page called “Straight From The Street” where Honda drivers can share their own stories for a chance to have it professionally produced for television and digital media.  

As you can see, it worked. And keeps working, becoming a self-fulfilling cycle of success. Every user-submitted story is a free ad for Honda. And the folks we’ve chosen to feature, above-the-fold so-to-speak, have become evangelists, sharing their souped-up stories with their own networks creating tons of efficiently-priced eyeballs. Hows that for performance? 

To see the previous Honda stories we’ve created since 2015, click here: #AskAnyHondaDriver

Credits, Baker Street Advertising:
President: Jack Boland
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Bacino
Chief Strategy Officer: Don Donovan
Copywriters: Brian Bacino/Lesly Pyle
Art Director: Ken Woodard
Producer: Brody McHugh
Group Account Director: Dan Nilsen
Associate Account Director: Christine Rodriguez
Senior Account Executive: Lisa Coonts
Senior Strategist: Howie Leibach
Media Director: Glenn Yajko
Media Broadcasting Supervisor: Sheila Taylor
Media Supervisor: Jena Benzel
Senior Broadcast Buyers: Shelly Kalianis/Cel Vital Bella

Credits, Production:
Director, Brian Bacino, Baker Street Advertising
Executive Producer, Jed Mortenson, Waypoint Films
Director of Photography: Kevin Emmons
Editor: Alan Chimenti, Ntropic
Producer: Tamara Treu, Ntropic
Senior Flame Artist: Amanda Amalfi, Ntropic
Sound Engineer: Andy Greenberg, One Union Recording

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September 28, 2015
Lesly Pyle

What Happened in Vegas


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except this: Baker Street Advertising won Agency of the Year at the Internet Marketing Association’s IMPACT15 digital marketing conference.
Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.54.40 AM

When two of our leaders were invited to be keynote speakers at IMPACT15 in Las Vegas, we had no idea how far this ride would take us. We were honored to have our President and Founder, Jack Boland, and our Creative Chief, Brian Bacino, reppin’ on the main stage. They presented “Together We’re Giant,” a dive into digital sports marketing, alongside our client Tom McDonald, the SVP of Marketing at the San Francisco Giants.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.39.22 PM

And Don Donovan AKA the “Sherlock Holmes of Big Data” AKA our Chief Strategy Officer, presented “Cracking the Code of Big Data” in a breakout session. Other speakers included executives from global behemoths like Barnes & Noble Education, Oracle Data Cloud and Evite. So, yeah, we were already stoked to be a part of it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.39.36 PM
But little did we know that more things to celebrate were coming our way. In addition to winning Digital Agency of the Year, Baker Street Advertising also took home four more IMPACT15 trophies — in four distinct social media categories for three of our clients: the San Francisco Giants, Northern California Honda Dealers and Sun-Maid.
Community Engagement Leadership Award

San Francisco Giants: “Big Speech” as seen below:

Best Use of Twitter
San Francisco Giants: “Together We’re Giant”
Facebook Customization Award
Northern California Honda Dealerships: “#AskAnyHondaDriver Testimonial Campaign”
YouTube Informational Award
Sun-Maid Raisins: “Snacktivities”
Check out the case study videos for the three winners listed above here: https://bakerstadvertising.com/proof/
So how do we think it happened?
According to BSA Prez Jack Boland: “Our approach to marketing and our mantra is: ‘Discovery. Creativity. Proof.’ From insight to strategically-sound creative to concrete results, winning these awards is a testament to our unique model.”
BSA’s Chief Creative Officer, Brian Bacino, adds “This show is about getting results. Which we did, but I also think the judges couldn’t resist falling in love with the creative.”
Fellas, your staff agrees. And couldn’t be more excited about it.
Here’s a little more info on the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) and IMPACT15:
IMPACT15 is a three-day global conference focused on how to get your customer’s attention through innovation.
IMA is one of the fastest growing Internet marketing groups in the world, with more than 1,000,000 professional members in fields including sales, marketing, business ownership, programming and creative development. It provides a platform where proven Internet marketing strategies are demonstrated and shared to increase members’ value to their organizations. www.imanetwork.org

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