• We investigate your market, discover opportunities, and create multi media advertising messages and content that makes your brand grow. And we’ll prove it.
  • From the desk of the Creative Chief:

Day 1. Well, day 233 actually for me, but we’ve been busy with the Giants and Honda and Acura and getting ready to get busy. And as we re-launch the Baker St brand and site, we have the chance to shine a light on what is brilliant about this agency’s approach and infuse it with a revived commitment to creative intensity.


    1. Story – Love the Baker Street name and analogy to Sherlock Holmes. Because what this agency does better than any I’ve seen in my 20+ year career is market investigation with a flair for the dramatic. It’s not just doing the digging to accumulate the data, which we do very well. It’s what we do with the data. Our Dr. Watson, Don Donovan, is a master researcher, data savant, and psychologist. The secret is dismissing the obvious and discovering the clue that unlocks your Brand story. Once we’ve got that, we are free to dramatize that insight in ways that cannot be ignored.
    1. Discovery. Creativity. Proof. – That’s how we roll. We’ve got a process and passion for finding the important clues. We measure the possibilities before creating messaging. Then we measure the results and optimize. I spent a good many years fighting the blind following of research when it came to creative development and campaign testing. But this is different. Our process measures motivational factors, not just creative expression. And we believe in results. If our creative does not achieve its SALES goals, we consider it a failure.
  1. Creative Soul and The Baker St Irregulars. The core of our agency is comprised of people who got their creative religion working on brands like Levi’s, BMW, MTV, and Fox Sports. We know what great work, truly great work, can do for a brand. Beyond delivering the strategy and meeting a sales goal, truly great work can capture the imagination of the culture and propel your brand forward in ways you never imagined.

Supporting the core is the Baker Street Irregulars, our carefully cultivated band of freelance artists with specialties in graphic design, web development, interactive media, motion graphics, mobile design, and event coordination. We cannot reveal their identities—for your own safety– but rest assured, if you have a special need, we’ve got an irregular that can fulfill it.

And so we begin, or should I say, continue our adventure. The only question is who will be the star of our next chapter?