To mark the end of a pretty amazing year, the Baker Street Players got together to create this blockbuster sales event campaign for the Northern California and Northwest Honda Dealers.

Bringing this kind of production value and sheer enthusiasm on a budget of a two week sales event requires the “Our Gang” approach: “Let’s put on a show!”

Final Spot: “Happy Honda Days: Almost Over”

The choir is lead by rock star and friend, Aaron Robinson, whose band Vasona created all of our Giants music this year. (check out the tracks here: .

Aaron is joined by Emily Nelson and Reis Woolen who also sing on the Happy Honda Days jingle. They are flanked by friends of the program Michael Bowman – a close friend who isn’t afraid to take a dive, and Marin Honda’s precision driver and part time actress, Sarah Graham.

The raging crowd is comprised of Baker Streeters and their friends, and Marin Honda employees and family members. The terrified Honda salesman is an actual Marin Honda salesman, Mo “I’m a Big Star in my Country” Aimaq. Thanks to Marin Honda GM Dave Bachman for lending us your people and letting us trash your store.

The kayak couple, Baker St account execs Whitney Randolph and Nate Boyer. The father and son who attack the Civic – that’s Lou Commesso and his son Louie- Lou coaches my daughter’s CYO basketball team and Louie is great at smashing stuff.

We did get some professional on-camera help from our star, “It’s Almost Over!” woman–Emily Highstreet–rock climber, Rapheal Feldman, and BMX biker, Kyle Emery-Peck.

And of course it was an all-pro team behind the camera thanks to Lauren Schwartz at Kaboom Productions.


Producer : Steven Sills is still wrangling us all from wherever he is.

Director: B2

DP: Petr Stepanek – tough to make chaos look good- great call on the sweater, btw

AD: Paul Chaput- makes it look easy

Art Directors and Set Designers: Geoff Flint & Matt Corder, you guys were ridiculous

Editor: Doug Werby

To the rest of you guys — most who are wanted by the law didn’t give me real names anyway — but thanks.