Sometimes it’s better to not do it yourself.

Funny how the idea for our latest Honda initiative came about: listening.

What a concept: listening to your clients as they discuss the issues facing their business.  It’s something we do with our Honda and Acura clients once a month. And more times than not, by not talking too much, and letting our board members hash out their business challenges, we walk away with a boatload of new ideas for strategic initiatives and marketing programs that were never on the plan.

This was one of those times. Our dealers were commenting how the economy has caused people to hang on to their used cars much longer. Not only was this slowing new car sales, it was killing their used car inventories.  We came up with the Don’t Do It Yourself Trade-In Event, reminding people what a hassle it is to sell a used car themselves.

The funny thing is while filming the spot everyone from the crew to the cast had a nightmare to share about trying to sell (or buy) a used car themselves. So do yourself a favor, don’t sell it yourself.

Check out our new spot and the stories behind it.

Honda “Don’t Do it Yourself” Trade-in Event TV

The Making Of: Honda “Don’t Do it Yourself” Trade-in Event TV

Productions credits:

Baker Street:

CCO: Brian Bacino

CD CW: Bob Dorfman

CD AD: Corey Stolberg

Prez: Jack Boland

ACCT. Director: Dan Nilsen

AE: Whitney Randolph

AAE: Gloria Chase

Dwyer Productions

Director: Brian Bacino

DP: Cliff Traiman

Exec Producer: Mark Dwyer

Producer: Susan Dwyer

Edit/Graphics: Michael Rosen

Music: Singing Serpent