You are not going to believe what we pulled off in just a few hours for just a few dollars for our Northwest Honda Dealers’ Endless Summer Sales Event.

temp link just so you can see it:
In order to dramatize Honda’s legendary dependability and the fact that once you buy a Honda the savings keep going, we featured a woman, the charming Amanda Holt, and her puppy, Killer, going through 5 years of seasons with stylish flair thanks to the extraordinary effort of our wardrobe and stylist team. To get this done the team had to create 100 outfit combinations that take us through the 4 seasons, 5 times, all while showing the subtle transitions of style and position that our star Honda driver, Amanda, would naturally go through. The trick was the changes had to happen every 4 minutes to meet our shoot schedule limitations.

Boom! Not only did we pull it off, the radiant Amanda, the dogs and of course the spacious interior of the Honda CRV, look positively bitchn, in every frame. Hats off, as well as coats, headbands, wigs, and bikini tops to the whole crew:

Dwyer Productions:

Director: Brian Bacino
Executive Producer: Mark Dwyer
DP: Cliff Traiman, Little Giant Lighting
Line Producer: Susan Dwyer
Edit and Effects: Michael Rosen, Samplastic
Music: Singing Serpents (yeah it’s a great track)

Wardrobe Stylist: Melinda Tarabell
Make Up Artist: Oasis Wideman
Hair Stylist: Amber Rider
Hair & Wardrobe Asst.: Cristen Cochran

Baker Street Advertising
Creative Chief, writer: Brian Bacino
CD, writer: Bob Dorfman
CD, AD: Corey Stolberg
Acct Director/Producer: Dan Nilsen
AE: Whitney Randolph

Special thanks to Dave Bachman and the boys at Marin Honda for use of the lot and the CR-V. Everybody on the shoot was really impressed with the new design.