Everybody has a Presidents’ Day Sale. Everybody has a Valentine’s Day Sale. But only the Northern California Honda Dealers have a Presidential Valentine’s Day Sale. This little Baker Street holiday promotion creation helped Honda hit a record February. Thanks Abe and George and pretty lingerie saleswoman lady.

TV Spot “Presidential Valentine’s” :30


Agency Credits

President: Jack Boland
Chief Strategy Officer: Don Donovan
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Bacino
Art Director: Corey Stolberg
Copywriter: Bob Dorfman
Producer: Brody McHugh
Group Account Director: Dan Nilsen
Senior Account Executives: Megan Boland and Christine Rodriguez

Production Credits 

Director, Brian Bacino, Baker Street Advertising
Executive Producer, Mark Dwyer, Dwyer Productions
DP: Kevin Emmons
Editor: Michael Pickman-Thoon, Rough House Editorial
Colorist: Roger Krakow, Rough House Editorial
Motion Graphics: Eric Stafford, Rough House Editorial
Audio Engineer: Andy Greenberg, One Union