Big Time College Football Hits SF  aka… Fight Hunger – Pummel Yuppies.

People fight hunger in different ways. For the Fight Hunger Bowl, we channeled the spirit of Terry Tate Office Linebacker, and created a hilarious pair of spots featuring obnoxious San Francisco yuppies getting pummeled by a Big Time college football player.

Click below to watch the first spot.


The Fight Hunger Bowl is a charitable effort where every ticket sold generates two meals for needy Bay Area folks.  So we try to get a lot for very little… enter the Baker Street Players, our good friends at Dwyer Productions, a surprisingly talented Client staff, two super tough stunt men, and ex Stanford standout big Mike McLaughlin.

Click below to watch the second spot.


Director: Brian Bacino

Executive Producer: Mark Dwyer

Director of Photography: Cliff Traiman

Stunt coordinator: Tony Vella

Stunt Man and Phone Conversationalist : Travis Myers

Stunt Man and Bike Enthusiast: Daniel Hernandez

Barista: Chris Prieto

Producer: Brody McHugh

Production: Dwyer Productions

Post Production: Samplistic Media

Editor: Michael Rosen

Chief Creative Officer: Brian Bacino

Copy Writer/Creative Director: Bob Dorfman

Art Director/Creative Director: Corey Stolberg

President: Jack Boland

Group Account Director: Dan Nilsen

Account Executives: Whitney Randolph and Gloria Birch