As we scrambled to prepare final congratulatory ads and posters for the 2012 World Series Champs in time for the parade, we took a moment to look back at the campaign pieces and the “Let’s get back. Together.” theme. Though the ideas were written and produced in February, long before opening day, it is astonishing how reality played out, often in ways we seemed to predict, but never really imagined.

Take a look at “Anthem”. It is erie how we have that double screen image of Wilson and Romo. We had no idea that all star closer, Brian Wilson, would get hurt and pass the baton to Sergio Romo. And yet there it is in brilliant HD.  We hoped Buster Posey would return and help the team but at the moment of filming we didn’t know if he could really answer the bell.  We never imagined he would deliver the MVP season he did. Yet when you listen to “Buster’s People” it seems as if it were pre ordained.

We had no idea Matt Cain would pitch a perfect game and be the rock of the rotation all year long. Yet there he is standing up for all of San Francisco in “Stand Up Cain”.  And while we were encouraged when Pablo stepped up to the plate in February to film his batting sequence and launched the very first pitch into McCovey Cove. (subsequently hugging his trainer as if it were a good omen). But World Series MVP and a historic 3 homer Game 1?  Ridiculous.

Enjoy the look back.  And more importantly, get ready for what’s to come.

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