Brody was drawn to advertising out of her love for the creative world. She is a well-rounded producer doing everything from photography, broadcast TV, web videos, radio, social media and documentary film in all their various phases of planning, budgeting, production and post production. She served as Head of Production for Albert Watson’s production company, cYclops and as EP at RadicalMedia’s post company, Outpost Digital. Brody has worked in LA & NYC for companies like Pytka, Moxie, Bob and more recently for Wieden+Kennedy, Apple and a little show you might’ve heard of called The Book of Mormon. In 2012, Baker Street stole her away and she’s been with us ever since.

Brody graduated cum laude from UCLA and has an uncommon love for Excel docs and bullet points.

“I’m the only Baker Streeter whose parents each have 1960s posters hanging in MOMA NYC.”