Jack has led agencies for 35+ years. Prior to founding Baker in 1999, Jack spent 20+ years at FCB SF where he served as CEO and was instrumental in growing their US operations. Jack’s specialty is working with agency teams and clients, from diverse categories, to build their businesses and enhance their brands. And he’s helped build quite a few. Our web guys say we don’t have enough space here to list them all, so here’s a short stack: Levi’s. Dockers. AT&T. Citibank. Clorox. Coors. Long’s Drugs. Gallo Wines. Honda. Acura. Mazda. 3Com. Pillsbury. MTV. Taco Bell. Boudin. Disney. Blue Cross. Cobra Golf. Sunkist. Sun-Maid. And Hewlett Packard. Not to mention his passion for leading sports brands. The Oakland Raiders. The Oakland A’s. USF Athletics. And the 3-time World Champion SF Giants.

Jack is a graduate of USF. He’s a former Board Chair and current Board Member of Marin Catholic High School and serves as a Regent at Hanna Boys Center in Sonoma. He is also a Trustee at the University of San Francisco. Jack and his wife, Sue, grew up in the Bay Area and reside in Lucas Valley. They have two daughters, Danielle and Megan, a son, Ryan, a daughter-in-law, Rachel, a granddaughter, Ava, and a new grandson, Theo.

“I’m the only Baker Streeter who’s served as a Night Sleeper/Volunteer Fireman in College and spent 2-3 nights/week driving a Fire Captain around in the middle of the night.”