Lesly is a true Sooner. She was born in Oklahoma. 2 weeks early. She wrote an award-winning Coke commercial and became obsessed with advertising at age 10. 8 years early. In 2000, she graduated with honors from top-ranked OU journalism school. 1 year early. And she hasn’t slowed down since.

Lesly’s been the right-hand to some of the most talented creatives [subtext: challenging personalities] in the industry. From JWT to FCB to Goodby to Apple to coming full-circle at Baker Street (as its legacy stems from FCB), she’s made quite a footprint in SF. Which is particularly impressive since her golf shoes are only a size 6. A number she wishes matched her handicap. (If only she started playing golf sooner.)

“I’m the only Baker Streeter who’s had a crush on Michael Keaton since I was 11. Talk about early.”