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Baker Street

Our mad scientist of data discovered that Honda was deceptively soft in its small SUV line. Our behavioral economist pointed out that the nation was experiencing an increased interest in small SUVs. So Baker Street went Small and got Big.

Honda “Go Small Get Big:” HR-V

We liked the idea that nothing can stop the high performance, super safe, new HR-V: not kids with buckets, dinosaurs, weight lifters, or giant hands.

Go Small Get Big:– Civic

We literally opened up a can of Whoop Ass to show off the dynamic new Civic.

Honda Print Work

We used a super wide-angle lens to pour on the “Go Small Get Big” message in posters.

  • Discovery

    A sophisticated trend analysis isolating velocity data vs. total sales showed that Honda was not getting as much of the small SUV market as it could. Our behavioral economists revealed that the nation was becoming ever more obsessed with the small SUV idea. Opportunity was in the air.

  • Creativity

    Leaning into Honda’s legendary reputation as a small car that packs a punch, we created a campaign featuring forced perspective photography as a powerful eye-popping metaphor that screams: when you Go Small with Honda, You get Big: big- time performance, economy, and flat-out fun.

  • Proof

    Honda sales surged during our campaign periods reaching all time records for Civic, HR-V, and Fit. Our clients also report that general store traffic increased which helped them sell a boatload of Accords and Pilots as well.

Additional spots

Go Small Get Big: Fit
Go Small Get Big: Combo

“This campaign celebrated the benefits and core strengths of Honda — to offer fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly vehicles. This effort helped deliver another very successful selling season for Honda."

Eric Van Olst, VP, Zone Sales Manager, American Honda Motor Company