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Baker Street

“Siempre Contigo” means “Always with You.” This authentic hispanic marketing campaign helped make Honda the fastest growing car brand in Northern California.

Antonio's :30

A young restaurateur makes his late father’s dream come true.

Missing Monkey :30

A little girl searches everywhere for her beloved stuffed monkey.

Floaties :30

A father saves his son from an embarrassing moment.

Checklist :30

A father attempts to give his son a driving lesson.

Lunchbox :30

A mother saves the day when her daughter forgets her lunchbox.

Firefighter :30

A little boy visits his favorite superhero.

Lion :30

A little boy gives the performance of a lifetime.

Butterfly :30

A little girl and her father go on a butterfly safari.

Polagram :30

A father and his adult son recreate a special childhood moment once captured on a Polaroid.

Airport :30

A young lady surprises her parents by bringing home her first college boyfriend.

Additional spots

First Date :30
Promotion :30
Precious Moments :30

Point Of Purchase

From car toppers to in-store posters, the Siempre Contigo message was spread throughout NorCal Honda Dealerships.

"BSA developed multiple Spanish language campaigns that went into consumer testing. This campaign, Siempre Contigo (Always with you), was the hands-down winner and we produced TV, digital, and in-store communications. The results have surpassed our wildest expectations. This effort has significantly grown our business and engagement with this very important audience.” Bill Brenner

Bill Brenner, President, Northern California Honda Dealers Advertising Association