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We searched for the most authentic Honda stories in Northern California via social media. And what we found were arguably the best, and in some cases, most colorful characters on earth.

#AskAnyHondaDriver Case Study Video
  • Discovery

    NorCal Honda wanted to make a definitive brand statement that Honda was the perfect car for the region. We recognized that while different drivers have different reasons for buying Hondas, they all shared a passion for the brand’s reliability. Both quantitative motivator testing and years of experience revealed that Honda’s satisfaction among its Northern California owners was rabid and could be leveraged as a competitive advantage. We also recognized that consumers today — the Yelp generation — would rather hear from a fellow California driver than a company.

  • Creativity

    We started with a bold notion: “If you’re looking for a great car that performs, looks great, and is reliable, #AskAnyHondaDriver." Given Honda’s overwhelming satisfaction and reliability, we were confident we would find real stories that would back up the claim. So we created a Facebook app and social media effort that asked drivers to tell us about their Honda experience for a chance to star in our campaign. In the first 2 years, we've created 10 short films featuring the most interesting, fun-loving Honda drivers you’ll ever meet. We also created a TV and digital pre-roll campaign around the stories.

  • Proof

    When we began layering the #AskAnyHondaDriver testimonial campaign with our other promotional campaigns, we were able to push sales to record levels and help jump the Northern California Honda Dealers regional performance 3 places to #2 in the nation. What’s more, social engagement across the Association's Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages increased 5 times. That’s a triple quintuple, baby!

Chris and Kelsey's Story

Ask Chris Carrey and Kelsey Holsten, two Monterey Golf Pros, who definitely drive for show.

Samanta's Story

Ask Samanta Beltran, a Richmond-based baker, who thinks her CR-V takes the cake.

The Peters Family's Story

Ask Jacob and Lauren Peters who have 2 great Fits and 1 Great Dane.

The Crandall Family's Story

Ask Eric and Danielle Crandall who have three tiny tots and one of the tightest turns in the Tib.

DJ Ally from Live 105 Radio's Story

Ask Ally, dog walker turned morning show co-host, why all of her coworkers have loved her 2013 Honda Civic.

Leyder's Story

Ask Leyder, Cuban musician + personal trainer + family man, why he rocks a Honda Accord.

Daljeet's Story

Ask Daljeet, an Indian Wedding Planner, why everyone in her family drives a Honda.

Phillip's Story

Ask Phillip, Clement Nursery Owner, how his 2009 CR-V carried him through a few life changes.

Laura’s Story

Ask Laura, a college professor, how many cosplay outfits she can fit in her 2015 Honda Civic AKA “Civy.”

Amanda's Story

Ask Amanda, a casino pit boss, how her 2003 Honda Accord saved her life.

Jan's Story

Ask Jan, a driving instructor and traffic pilot, to teach you how to drive very fast, very safely.

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"The BSA creative effort brought our brand to life and significantly increased consideration and sales of Hondas in Northern California. A creative approach to engage actual customers and prospects."

Bill Brenner, President, Northern California Honda Dealers Advertising Association