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Baker Street

Baker Street is an integrated advertising, digital content and marketing investigation agency. Our work looks like pure fun, but it’s actually created with predictive data analytics, guaranteed to work.

mantra / process

Baker Street creates advertising and digital content, plans and buys media, and produces film and video unlike any other agency, brand consultancy, digital media buying or production company by leveraging consumer insight, behavioral economics, and predictive data analytics. We're also not afraid to use run-on sentences when needed.

  • discovery

    Through consumer hedonics, data trend analysis, and predictive modeling of consumer motivators, we will find you an opportunity, a target, and a message that your brand can profitably invest behind, and we can tell you how much growth to expect from the programs we build. All before we build them.

  • creativity

    Our talented content creators, digital designers, and video/film directors draw inspiration from their muses and their exceptional, world-class experience. They also attend and kinda dig, to be honest, rigorous data analytics presentations from our mad scientists of data and behavioral economists, so their creative choices are guided by predictive trends. Pretty cool, huh?

  • proof

    We measure everything. Sales results and market trends, of course. But we also measure sales velocity by program by message by day by market. We measure every competitor, building predictive modeling tools that can tell you what works, when to pour it on, and when to save your money.


Named after Sherlock Holmes’'s office address, Baker Street Advertising is the merger of an award-winning ad agency and an innovative consumer research, data analytics, and brand management firm. We delight in creating dramatic content based on the discovery of hidden truths that unlock your brand’'s potential, all while being shot at by unsavory rivals, as we leap from rooftop to rooftop in death-defying chase scenes.

  • We imagine, write and produce integrated 360-degree advertising campaigns, including short- and long-form digital content, TV commercials, radio, mobile content, in-store posters, online banners, digital pre-roll, websites, live events, digital outdoor, mobile ads, social posts, viral videos and an occasional bumper sticker.

  • We use our proprietary research methodology, The Right to Succeed®, to uncover the causal factors of consumer purchase behavior. We use quantitative testing to increase the probability and magnitude of success for new messaging, new products, and new communications channels.

  • BSA was born to sell cars, literally. Combining a consumer research and data analytics company with an award-winning digital ad agency, our founders created an organization customized to service auto clients. Our in-depth, real-time data analytics, and custom processes, combined with an experienced staff across all disciplines, make us experts in the auto industry. For instance, we can tell you how many total cars we’’ll sell in any given region this July 4th so you can market accordingly.

  • We provide comprehensive social media marketing, complete with strategic platform development, metrics analysis, and target optimization, as well as à la carte social media content creation, including, film, interviews, contests, shareable videos, hashtag deployment, conversation seeding, and paid-post production.

  • We conceive and execute massive digital and mobile media plans, with sophisticated buyer behavior precision, re-targeting, and story progression dynamics. We execute programmatic buys to optimize messages by sub-target and maximize return on investment. Yeah, we got those peeps on the ground. You can even have lunch with them.

  • We got game. Our team has big time experience creating content with the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Fox Sports, and ESPN. We get star power, having worked with Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, Randy Moss and Buster Posey, to drop a few Hall of Fame names. We’’ve worked with sports broadcast legends like Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long, Tom Tolbert, and SF’’s own Kruk and Kuip. BSA also houses one of the nation’’s most quoted sports marketing minds, Bob Dorfman, author of The Dorfman Report.

  • Our founders draw on deep experience with P&G brand management approaches, designed to create profitable growth. Our innovative Studio Investigation helps reveal your authentic brand story leading to breakthroughs in design and engagement discovery. This process can get your leadership team on the same page like you never imagined.

  • BSA is a major player in the Western US Regional Broadcast Media Buying scene. Our buyers bring prestigious experience in planning and negotiating mass media, integrating digital and social experiences with every investment. Impressively, our planners and buyers sit with the creative and data teams to create perfect synergy to your overall media strategies.

  • From seared scallops with Sun-Maid Raisin bacon jam to Taco Bell Chicken Burrito Supremes, BSA loves to eat. Our Bakers boast robust QSR experience, having championed Taco Bell during the burger wars, launched a digital menu system for Boudin SF, and put Sun-Maid Raisins on the cable TV cooking show map. We’’d love to create a delicious money pie for you, too.

  • Through consumer hedonics, data trend analysis, window-pane segmentation, and predictive modeling of consumer behaviors, we will find you an opportunity, a target, and a message that your brand can profitably invest behind. Not only that, we can tell you how much growth to expect from the programs we build. All before we build them.

  • With more than 35 years of CPG experience, 20 years with P&G, our management team applies their expertise to help Fortune 500 firms grow their top-line revenue. Over the last 15 years, that has amounted to more than $1 billion in incremental business.

  • BSA produces its own film and digital video for broadcast and internet. We boast one of the industry’’s only Creative Chief/Film Directors, giving us an eye for story and detail that ensures our clients’’ most important insights are revealed with drama and delight. We also do it cheaper and faster than anyone else. So there’’s that.

  • Our exclusive Studio Investigation process will ensure that logo and brand story development stems from your authentic brand aesthetic. We will help you and your leadership team discover the perfect iconography, language, casting, palate, and graphic design to fit your ideal brand story. Then we’’ll build you a logo and brand architecture that will launch you into the next decade.

  • Every dollar BSA invests for our clients is spent using algorithms to maximize the return on investment by increasing the Unit Volume Velocity (UVV) of the brand. We have given keynote presentations across the US on Behavioral Economics and the power of predictive modeling. Invite BSA to your firm for a custom presentation about your business.

  • Fore a good time, call Baker Street. We’’d love to discuss your business over a round. Our staffers love to play and are easy to beat (another way we can make you money). We are annual participants in the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame Golf Classic, and lose regularly at other charitable events throughout the Bay Area.

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We have been lucky enough to work with champions of industry, as well as, champions of baseball. Clients who occupy the number one spot in their profession have exceedingly high expectations and bold imaginations. They like to win. We like to win. You know what that is? Yup, that's a win win situation.

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