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Baker Street

The 2016 Giants had a storied start, boasting 4 All-Stars and giving fans hope for a 4th World Series Championship in 6 years. Then they completely collapsed in the 2nd half — barely making the Post Season — and getting beat out by the eventual 2016 World Series Champs, the Chicago Cubs. To keep fans interested for the 2017 season, we knew we needed to entice them with more than the promise of wins. So we took a different approach that was born out of our research, pitching AT&T Park as The Ultimate SF Experience.

“Together In SF” :30 TV Spot

We introduced this year’s campaign by featuring fans and players experiencing more than baseball at the Park. It’s backed by a seamless cinemagraph visual technique along with a dramatic read by legendary skipper, Bruce Bochy.

  • Discovery

    Our research revealed two key findings: The promise of the ultimate SF experience at AT&T Park — the people, the views, the food, the party — makes fans want to attend more games. And that casual fans tend to go to the same kind of game over and over: just Sunday games, or just Friday games, just Tuesday games, etc.

  • Creativity

    This year's "We are SF" campaign celebrates the pride and passion of being a Giants fan and all that the orange embroidered SF logo represents. Featuring iconic photography and video, this year’s campaign presents emotional moments with an elegant design aesthetic that makes a definitive statement: SF is the city of Giants. And on game day, players and fans gather together in the heart of the city to experience something magical, something quintessentially San Francisco. To bring this to life in an engaging way (and recognizing the importance of the Giants 3.2 million Facebook followers), we created a series of interactive films showing the experience of going to Giants games on different days of the week. Each film gave fans a critical decision to make at the peak of the story via YouTube's clickable video players. The viewer’s choice determined the ending of the stories.

  • Proof

    Despite tying for the second worst season in the Giants franchise history, the 2017 fans stayed true. More than 3.3 million of them attended games this year. Down less than 2% from last year. And still selling out every game through mid season.

"We Are Sundays" Interactive Video

This interactive film follows the story of a little girl attending her first Giants game with her dad who has a tough choice to make when he catches a Buster Posey home run ball. Should he give it to his daughter or a long-time fan? Click here to help him decide.

"Two For Tuesdays" Interactive Video

This interactive film shows a new couple having the perfect date night at AT&T Park. When Mark Melancon closes the game for a win, should they go for the kiss or head for the exits? Click here to make your choice.

"Day Baseball" Interactive Video

This interactive film exposes two buddies who skipped out of work to attend a Giants day game. When a foul ball is hit, should they hold back the crowd so Brandon Belt can make the play or pull a Bartman? Click here to help them make the right choice.


"Orange Fridays" Interactive Video

This interactive film highlights the choice one fan makes about her Friday night fashion. Should she go subtle and stylish or all-out orange? Click here to help her decide.

"Meet the Closer" :30

We also introduced the Giants new closer, Mark Melancon, with this fun spot that seems to be the fan’s favorite spot of the year with 16,000 reactions, 997 comments and 617,000 views on Facebook. And in a hilarious exchange on Twitter, Lou Seal called out Melancon for slamming the door on him. Mark responded, “I was just trying to ‘seal the deal.’”


If you've been anywhere in San Francisco since March 2017, it would've been hard to miss our outdoor campaign. We wrapped trains and busses and draped a ton of banners on street lights as well as the ballpark itself.