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Baker Street

Harnessing the energy from the sun, and the voltage of social media, we showed moms that Sun-Maid Raisins aren’t just a healthy snack, they’re also a source of power — and fun.

The Good Dinosaur Promo

Disney’s “The Good Dinosaur” was a natural fit for Sun-Maid Raisins. And the project was a natural fit for us. We created everything from a sweepstakes microsite to social media to web banners to pre-roll film.

Raisin Your Workout

We helped kids raise their brainpower with a free iPad giveaway that generated 50,000 entries. And our Raisin Your Workout integrated campaign challenged athletes to replace their synthetic energy chews with the natural energy of raisins.


Sun-Maid’s budget for finding a new way for moms to engage with their little ones was smaller than the kids. So we created a low-cost, home-made video series of raisin crafts that were also low-cost for moms.

Moveable Feast Integrated Campaign

To be thought of as more than just a lunchbox snack, Sun-Maid became a key ingredient in Fine Cooking’s online cooking show, Moveable Feast.

“We challenged the agency to develop a way to engage and promote the benefits of raisins to moms and kids. BSA nailed this.”

Rich Paumen, SVP Sales and Marketing Sun-Maid Growers of California