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Baker Street

#Adulting — the defining moment a Millennial tweets about when they feel most like a grownup. Like buying their first car.

"Civic Reasons" :30

This spot shows visible stagehands and fun props to showcase moments in a young man’s life when he realizes the true cost of not having his own car.

  • Discovery

    In 2018, for the first time since marketers have trumpeted the excessively-hyped "Millennial" charge, this age group will enter the serious car buying market. Up to this point, BSA had resisted the temptation to chase the trendy target until careful data analysis revealed the business opportunity for our Client. From there, we unleashed a deep dive into the target resulting in the discovery of a set of core values that can be defined with a single hashtag. #Adulting

  • Creativity

    We created a campaign that taps into a powerful life stage our 20-something target is experiencing: “Adulting” — that moment when you find yourself, for the first time, doing very grownup things. And to break through the skepticism, Millennials have toward slickly-prepared advertising, we created a look that seems to be homemade and organic, yet jumps from the small mobile screen with cutting-edge technology.

  • Proof

    This campaign just launched so we'll brb. However, we can tell you that the insanely-talented millennials who worked on this creative think it's savage.

"Speed vs. Space" :30

This spot uses a miniature rotating set and stop motion effects to tell the story of a young couple who are about to become parents.


"Iceberg" :30

This spot uses a whimsical visual treatment reminiscent of the stop motion puppet animation of yesteryear. It highlights the metamorphosis of a childlike toy into to a proud professional.




"Run The World" :30

This spot uses the nostalgia of 8-bit video games to make the transition between childhood and adulthood.