2016. Well, that didn’t turn out exactly the way we expected.

Lots of surprises.

Some of them, not so good.

Like not having our beloved SF Giants fulfill their even year prophecy.

But we still had a ton of fun making the work and helped the Giants continue their record-breaking attendance streak. (Click image below to see the 2016 Giants Campaign page.)

And speaking of records, NorCal Honda continued its sizzling pace thanks to a calendar chockfull of sales events, testimonial films and a robust digital and social media effort.

The first series of key frames below is from our “Go Small. Get Big.” campaign. (Click image below to visit the campaign page.) And the second set is from our seasonal sales events.

Plus, we introduced a new social campaign for Acura called “More of a Good Thing,” featuring 3 inspiring stories from NorCal Acura drivers who are making their world a better place.

The Lin’s Story :30

To see the Lin’s full story, click here.

Marshal’s Story :30

To see Marshal’s full story, click here.

The Young’s Story :30

To see the Young’s full story, click here.

So, while 2016 had its fair share of challenges, Baker Street had its fair share of fun making work for our clients and watching their businesses grow. Check it out in our video below, “Baker Streeters Love the Work”:

And, oh yeah, we launched our website. You know, the one you’re on.