Monday was a convenient day to post my blogs from last week, as most of the office was organizing the trip up north that a few employees will embark on tomorrow. With a few technical malfunctions and difficulties behind me, I successfully posted blogs three and four onto the web page. Next internet sensation? I’ll let you decide, but all I can say is watch out Psy.

Once the blog work was done and dusted, I continued brainstorming ideas for the upcoming spot with Matt Cain and Angel Pagan. I haven’t been told if there is a direction this ad is supposed to take, or if there is a certain goal BSA wants to achieve with it, but I’ve been taking multiple approaches in my ideas. We’ll have to see what B2 thinks of the rookie’s ideas.


On Wednesday I thought up a few projects that I could occupy myself with between blogging shifts. I wanted to be able to take a chance at creating my own piece, such as an interview compilation with USF students about what makes their school special, or a montage of great San Francisco views. Coming up with ideas for a Giants ad with a couple of professional athletes has been an interesting task to undertake, but to take a project from start to finish would be a huge challenge. I have about four or five solid ideas that I plan on talking about with B2 tomorrow.


Thursday was a big day for everyone in the office, as we had a small celebration in the afternoon, rewarding everyone for the tough week they had trudged through. Client meetings, a trip to the Pacific Northwest, and overall heavy workloads had been tough on everyone throughout the week, so the crew here at BSA was well deserving of a relaxing couple of hours. Compared to other places I’ve worked (which, granted, hasn’t been to many), the environment here is what has made the biggest impression on me in my short time here. There’s almost always a plate of food in the kitchen that someone has brought in with them (Focaccia Fridays, anyone?), lunchtime movies can be a big hit, and sometimes we feel like dog breeders, with so many hounds running around (cuties only, please!). It’s awesome to see everyone genuinely enjoy being here, contradictory to how the media, through TV shows and movies, prepares our younger generation for a dull job with less-than-exciting coworkers.


With an advertisement recording with Angel Pagan and Sergio Romo (Matt Cain was replaced) scheduled for next Tuesday, Brian invited me to tag along on a “scouting” trip at AT&T. Essentially, we found the best angles, locations and positions for Romo and Pagan when we film next week. B2 had me stand in as the temporary Giant while he took pictures, figuring out where the lighting would be optimal, and where he could place the players to best compliment the scripted lines. After moving around the lower deck for a little while, some representatives from the Giants showed up. Brian showed them the photos we had taken, explaining what the premise of the spot was, and how he wanted to film it. We then headed into the batting cage (I can’t say more without giving too much away!) where we went through similar steps, figuring out exactly how the clips are going to be recorded. I hadn’t realized how much tinkering and readjusting went into the ad after the script was written, so it was a great experience to see B2 and the Giants team think of various, unorthodox ways they could accomplish what they wanted with the ad. Next Tuesday should be very exciting!

Quote of the Week:

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy.’ They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” – John Lennon