What The Kids Are Up To:

Over the weekend, the annual running, jogging, and party-walking of San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers took place. With the added bonus of Stage 8 of the Tour of California starting in the Marina, the entire city was buzzing. Participating in, or at least watching Bakers Breakers (as my family used to call it) has been an annual tradition, and it’s always a weekend to enjoy what can only be described as classic San Francisco. Even though floats, large bags, and alcohol (to a certain extent) have been removed from the race, the 30,000 registered runners, plus thousands of others joining the party, turned the city into one big celebration on Sunday morning.

Having been away from home for most of the year, Bay to Breakers really sums up what makes San Francisco the best city in the world (yeah, I said it). Everyone loves being a part of it, and they have no problem showing it off. From a group of 20-somethings dressed as fish who flopped on the ground for a few hours rather than finishing the race, to a paramedic blasting Daft Punk from the ambulance’s PA system, to Panhandle residents letting strangers onto their porches to take in some Vitamin D and plenty of adult beverages, everyone is just as ready as the next guy to make the most of the day. After the actual race (won by Tolossa Gedfa Fufi of Ethiopia in the men’s division and Diane Nukuri-Johnson of Burundi in the women’s), the costumes, the mingling, and the overall good vibes make the day a special event that can’t be missed. It doesn’t matter if you start at 7 a.m. downtown, or hop in at 10:30 in Golden Gate Park to get a taste of the scene. As long as you’re moving somewhere along the trail, you’ll understand what makes San Francisco so amazingly weird.

For a fun photo montage (thanks, r68c68!), and just a small taste of what Bay to Breakers is all about, click here