Abe Lincoln bombs a beast, George Washington cruises snow bunnies in a stolen CRV, and our TV production team gets slammed by a blizzard on location where “The Shining” was filmed, in Mt. Hood, Oregon… sounds like its Honda’s President’s Day event.

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We took our Presidential Holiday Icons,– (Dallas Bryant and JJ Johnson) last seen as Uncle Sam and Thomas Jefferson surfing on the 4th of July
4th July Hipstersup to Mt. Hood Oregon to show off the All Wheel Drive CRV, the steady handling of the front wheel drive Civic, and the always versatile All Wheel drive Pilot, all of which are on sale at the Honda Presidential Ride and Drive.
Our journey begins downtown, where we see Abe Lincoln walking the streets with a newly purchased snowboard under his arm. He bumps into his buddy George Washington, who is in the middle or test driving an All Wheel drive CRV.  The Presidents launch a plan of attack that takes them up to snow country, despite the fact the Honda dealer is still sitting in the back.
Big tip of the big black hat to Pippenger Productions who fought through a blizzard to deliver cars and cameras and crew to a snow blanketed location.  The location happened to be where they filmed the exterior scenes of “The Shining”.  It’s also where we all stayed which was a little creepy.
We shot right through the storm –a virtual white out, which created a beautiful white back round, more like a studio than a ski mountain. DP Kevin Emmons and his crew managed to get a spectacular look out of the snowy conditions.  And once Rough House’s colorist Roger Krakow worked his magic, the film looked amazing… like we planned it all along.
Filming on Mt. Hood
Director: Brian Bacino
Producers: David Pippenger & Brody McHugh
DP: Kevin Emmons
Executive Producer: David Pippenger
Editor: Michael Pickman-Thoon
Colorist: Roger Krakow
Graphics Design and Animation: Kit Klangsin & Eric Stafford
Rough House Producer: Todd Lindo
Compressionist: Elijiah Pahati