OK, this is the dumbest thing we’ve ever done for Honda. I think it’s my favorite.

Tasked with a straight-forward, shout-from-the-rooftops brief: “buy any new Honda now and pay nothing for 90 Days,” we created this clever notion that for a limited time, Hondas are like magic time machines.

Which, of course, means you can buy a Honda today and have enough time to grow ridiculous beards, hairstyles and give birth to your baby before you have to pay.

We imagined 90 days passing before your eyes, but rather than invest in special effects, we went with dumb jump cuts that make you smile. No matter how many times we see the joke, it’s a smile and a reminder that you can get any new Honda right now and pay nothing for 90 days.

We had some fun with our social messaging too, including the best Facebook header ever, if you like wagging dog tails:

Facebook Cover Video:

Social Media Social GIF: Civic

Social Media Social GIF: Accord

Social Media Social GIF: CR-V

Social Media Social GIF: Kelley Blue Book

And one of our better radio spots of the year was inspired by the most famous time machine ever — The DeLorean.

Baker Street Advertising Credits:
President: Jack Boland
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Bacino
Chief Strategy Officer: Don Donovan
TV Copywriter: Brian Bacino
Art Director (All Media): Sarah Inglis
Radio & Social Media Copywriter/Social Video Editor: Harrison Chapman
Producer: Brody McHugh
Creative Manager/Script Supervisor: Lesly Pyle
Group Account Director: Dan Nilsen
Associate Account Director: Christine Rodriguez
Account Supervisor: Megan Boland
Media Director: Glenn Yajko
Media Broadcasting Supervisor: Sheila Taylor
Media Supervisor: Jena Benzel
Senior Broadcast Buyers: Shelly Kalianis/Cel Vital Bella

Production Credits:
Director: Brian Bacino, Baker Street Advertising
Executive Producer: Jed Mortenson, Waypoint Films
Director of Photography: Kevin Emmons
Line Producer: Kevin Hayes
Editor: Michael Pickman-Thoon, Rough House Editorial
Colorist: Roger Krakow, Rough House Editorial
Graphics: Eric Stafford, Rough House Editorial
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