There’s no assignment sweeter then jumping into action for the NL West Champs! But there is a bit of stress and elbow grease that goes along with popping post season corks.

We’ve been quietly working on Post Season celebration work for the Giants for well over a month — street banners, tv spots, online videos and social media programs to keep fans engaged.  While we at Baker Street knew the Giants would make the playoffs, nobody wants to speak too soon without knocking on wood.

Nobody wants to be the guy who says, “hey he’s pitching a no-hitter in the 5th.” But you have to create work that hopes for the best and we’re stoked that we’re going to need it all!

During the stretch run we have developed a smorgasbord of instant, newsworthy messages in collaboration with Paul Hodges and SFG Productions. Enjoy. And keep the good vibes coming.

Giants TV: “September is Coming”

Giants TV: “September Anthem”

Giants TV: “October Baseball”